Crafts that will serve you to give Easter

What is Easter?

Easter is a festival of religious origin, where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after being crucified, as recorded in the writings of the Bible. In Jewish culture, the end of the slavery of its people in Egypt is celebrated.

With Easter, Holy Week ends and in many places it is usually a public holiday. According to the tradition of the place, it is celebrated with the well-known Easter eggs, Easter monkeys or other recipes, decorations and festivities.

Depending on the country we are in, Easter Day is also known as Easter Sunday, Easter Sunday, Easter or Glory Sunday.


What crafts are made at Easter?

One of the most sought after ideas is crafts with Easter eggs. The egg symbolizes fertility and life, for this reason it is very present in this celebration together with chickens and chicks. You can create paper eggs or any other recyclable material or basket or baskets where to put chocolate eggs.

The Easter rabbit is another of the great protagonists, especially for children, since this rabbit is distributing chocolate, sweets and colored eggs among the little ones. For this reason, during these dates a large number of rabbit and carrot crafts are also usually made.

Baskets are also usually created that are filled with flowers, eggs, chocolate and sweets, so this theme is also a great idea to make at Easter.

Crafts to decorate or give away

We can say that Easter crafts are basically made for two purposes, which are to decorate and give as gifts.

It is very common on these dates to give gifts or give small details, usually associated with sweets and chocolate. You can create baskets or other elements where to place your gifts, eggs, bunnies, etc. that so, all made by yourself, since they are about crafts.

It is also common to do crafts to create Easter decorations and thus create an Easter decoration with all the elements that we have mentioned above. Decorative garlands, centerpieces, paper flowers, etc.

Children’s Easter crafts

Easter crafts are closely associated with children, since it is they in most cases who usually make ornaments, baskets, garlands or decorative elements with their own hands.

It is very common to make Easter crafts for children in schools, usually to give to parents or relatives. It is also common to do it after school hours, in different workshops where the little ones make different types of crafts as well as typical recipes of these dates.

Since children are an important part of this celebration, many of the crafts we publish will be easy for them to do themselves.

Easter Day arrives and there are many houses and schools that celebrate this day by making a large number of Easter crafts. The children acquire a leading role, being they in charge of doing different manual works to decorate the house or make gifts.

In this section we will be publishing different ideas of Easter crafts for children, which will be easy to make and that they can create with their own hands. All these tutorials will be explained step by step in video, so that it is much easier to follow the instructions.

Enjoy this great party with the little ones of the house and fill this day with Easter eggs, Rabbits, carrots, chickens, chocolate … and above all, with illusion. Happy Easter!

Easy paper garlands for Easter

In this tutorial we will learn how to make easy paper garlands for Easter, a very simple craft that we recommend that you do with children, they will love to help you and they will have a great time while they learn. Plus, cutout templates are included, so it’s even easier.

We have made 3 different and original ideas to make these garlands. As you will see, they are ideal to use as decoration for Easter Day since they include special motifs for this date, such as rabbits or Easter eggs, although they can also be great to decorate any celebration, birthday party, etc.

Cardboard or colored folios and prints
Rope / yarn / wool / loop

Easter Rabbits Wreath

The first idea is some super simple paper rabbits, you just have to download the template that you will find below. Use it to cut out different colored sheets of paper for eye-catching bunnies. Finally stick a pomón to make a funny tail to these Easter rabbits, they will look great.

3D Easter Egg Garland

Using the template or mold that you will find below, we will cut different sheets of colored paper into eggs. When we have many we will join them with a thread or rope to get an egg with a three-dimensional effect. These are vertical garlands that will be great to decorate your parties or celebration.

Rabbit and carrot wreath

For this garland you do not need a template, we will only have to cut colored strips of the measurements indicated in the video. Then we will use the stapler to put them together, it is super easy. Intersperse as many rabbits and carrots as you want to get a garland long enough to decorate the area you have chosen.

What paper to use?

We have carried out different tests, and to make your garlands look beautiful or we recommend that you use some type of patterned paper or scrapbook. Choose the appropriate shades, for example orange for carrots, so it will be much easier to identify each element.

Easter, also called Resurrection Day, is a holiday. Devotees of Christianity commemorate the return of Jesus Christ from the dead, and in fact consider it the holiest day of the year. On the other hand, those who are not Christians celebrate the beginning of spring on the same day.

Annually, the festivities do not coincide on the same date. Christian churches carry out the calculation based on the first full moon after the spring equinox, and set the following Sunday to celebrate Easter. This means that it can occur between March 22 and April 25, as Western temples, such as the Roman Catholic Church, use the Gregorian calendar; whereas the Eastern sanctuaries, like the Eastern Orthodox Church, use the Julian calendar. In 2015, Easter will be on April 5.

The Easter celebrations are different in northern Europe and the United States, and most have nothing to do with the Christian meaning of the date. These celebrations are more related to the pagan festivals of ancient Germany, and children are often given baskets full of sweets. Eggs that the adults hide are also decorated for the little ones in the house to find. People wear new clothes and go to church, and exchange greeting cards.

Spring break in the United States generally occurs around Easter, a period known to high school and college students as “Spring Break.” It is common to see beaches crowded with teenagers and young people enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Find out about these curious facts


The Jewish Passover was before Christ an agricultural festival celebrated by shepherds and in which a lamb was sacrificed to ask for fruitfulness. After Christ, it becomes a holiday that celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from the slavery of Egypt.

At Passover the Jews celebrated – and are celebrating today – the “passage” (Passover) of the Red Sea of ​​the Hebrew people toward liberation from slavery.


Christian Easter celebrates not only the life of Jesus (Christ) but also celebrates his passage from death to life. Easter for Christian believers is the time of Christ’s resurrection and his elevation to eternal life.


In the Germanic zone, as in other regions of the world, evangelization could not completely uproot the most important celebrations of these peoples. A festival was once held there in honor of Eostre, a pagan Germanic goddess of spring and light. It was a festival of the spring equinox, on March 21, which celebrated the end of cold and darkness and the return to life after the harsh winter.

Regarding the symbols of Easter we have to mention the eggs, which are a symbol of fertility although it must be added that it was never accepted as a symbol by Orthodox Christians, which indicates that it is truly an icon alien to religious Easter.