Beautiful Crafts so you can make your gifts at Christmas

What is christmas?

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for Christians, where the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated (in fact the word Christmas means “birth”). It is celebrated every year on December 25, and the Christmas festivities extend from the night of December 24 (Christmas Eve) until the Three Kings Day festival.

During the Christmas season, Christmas carols are sung, houses are adorned and decorated, families and friends gather, and we try to raise awareness in order to collaborate with those most in need or with the least resources.

These dates usually coincide with the vacation period of schools and children are very protagonists in them, since the arrival of Santa Claus (Santa Claus) first and that of the Magi later, will leave a multitude of games and toys in many homes.

Congratulate Christmas in an original way

One of the things we do the most during this date is to congratulate ourselves on the Christmas holidays. For this we use Christmas greetings of all kinds, whether with Christmas posters, cards or postcards with beautiful phrases, dedicated Christmas photos or even with Christmas carols or songs.

Crafts have taken a special role in creating original Christmas cards, the kind that you can’t buy in any store, the kind in which only your own hands and your time can create a real work of art.

In Crafts Play we offer you some ideas to inspire you, so that you can create the most original invitations, postcards or Christmas cards possible in the simplest way possible.

Christmas decorations made by yourself (DIY)

If there is one thing in which Christmas crafts stand out the most, it is when it comes to creating fun and original Christmas decorations. The large number of materials at our disposal along with the immense variety of ornaments that you can create makes the ideas endless.

If you are wondering what the difference is between buying your Christmas decorations and being able to create them on your own, the answer is simple: The difference is EVERYTHING.

The reaction of your guests to see the decorations created by yourself will be of absolute fascination and surprise, you will have something unique, something that cannot be bought, something that everyone wants but nobody has. But above all, each of the Christmas decorations and motifs that you make will have a part of you, something that will give you a unique feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Do the test!

Christmas decorations with your personal touch

Decorating the house at Christmas is a tradition. Surely it is impossible for you to imagine entering a house at Christmas and not seeing the typical Christmas tree, the garlands with lights or different motifs of Santa Claus.

We all base our decoration on the typical elements of Christmas but can you imagine being able to give your own personal touch to this Christmas decoration? Well, this is easier than it seems, you just have to create your own homemade Christmas decorations and make a Christmas decoration that identifies you.

If you are a recycling lover it will be a great idea to make all the Christmas decorations based on different recycled materials. If you love Santa Claus, you can create as many figures and motifs of his as you want. Imagine that you are a fan of some fiction series, can you imagine making a themed decoration with your favorite characters with Christmas touches? Here you set the limit, that is one of the great advantages of doing it yourself.

Making Christmas crafts is something very typical during the Christmas holidays, it is a great idea to surprise your guests with gifts and Christmas decorations created with your own hands.

From easy-to-make Christmas ornaments such as cards, postcards or invitations, to authentic works of art, such as Christmas trees with recycled material, giant Christmas stars or incredible snowmen. Everything is possible!

In this section you will find many original ideas for Christmas, all explained in video step by step. So you have no excuse to celebrate the holidays in style, full of decorations and gifts made by yourself. Enjoy with your loved ones this Merry Christmas!

Very easy Christmas ideas with paper

Simple Christmas craft ideas made with paper. They are very easy and will be great to decorate your home during the Christmas holidays. You’ll see how you manage to surprise all your guests.

In this tutorial you will find 4 different ideas: a Christmas star with three-dimensional paper, a paper zigzag Christmas ball, a very simple paper gift box and a very original and creative Christmas postcard.


These paper animal figures are very simple to make, so it is highly recommended to make them with the little ones in the house and have a fun time learning together.

As you have seen, I have used a 15 x 15 paper (height x width expressed in centimeters), which is the most used to make origami figures. You can find them with both sides of the paper the same color or with a different color for each side. They usually sell it in craft stores and bookstores.

Another option is to take a sheet of the color and cut it into a square to the size you want, it will depend on how big the face of the monkey or the figure you are making is.

What use can we give these origami animals? Well, you can use it to stick it on a postcard, as a decorative element in your study notebook, to decorate your children’s room … or simply to help children recognize the animal’s face and have fun making it …


Easy paper Christmas wreath

An origami craft in which you will learn how to make a Christmas wreath with paper in a very fast and easy way. To make this figure you will only need sheets of paper, you do not need glue or any other additional tool.

You can make a small wreath that will serve as a Christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree or make it much larger and even use it to hang on the door of your home. It’s up to you!

4 square papers
Your creative little hands

This Christmas ornament is very easy to make, it can serve as a last minute craft if you have had time or as a very cheap craft, since you will only need sheets of paper.

You can make it with colored paper or with scrapbook paper. We have alternated two different colors although you can do it as you like, even making a piece of each color.

This idea is very simple and you can do it in a few minutes. Do not hesitate and go ahead and do it, or maybe you prefer to see more ideas of easy Christmas crafts to do. You choose!

Paper Santa Hat – Christmas Origami

Very easy tutorial to learn how to make a very simple paper Santa hat, a very fun Christmas craft that will help you decorate your house at Christmas parties or create a great ornament for your Christmas tree.

To make this Christmas hat we have used origami techniques, so you only have to fold and fold a sheet of paper and you will see how in less than 5 minutes you will have this beautiful and simple paper hat ready.

Square paper
Your creative little hands

To make this origami figure you only need 1 sheet of paper, ideally this sheet should be red on one side and white on the other. This way you will be able to make the hat with the colors of Santa Claus.

You can also use patterned paper or color it as you like. So you can make totally unique designs.

This craft is very cheap and easy to do. You can use it as an afterthought if you need to prepare something quickly. You’ll see how you can give an original and creative touch to your home decoration with this simple idea.

Christmas wreath for the door with paper Easy!

Simple tutorial to make your own Christmas wreath made by hand with paper, a great idea to create a Christmas ornament for the door of your house or to decorate your Christmas tree.

With this craft you will be able to make a very beautiful but above all inexpensive and easy to make crown. It is an express craft that will come in handy if you have spent time on oak and you need to make an ornament quickly and easily.

12 square blades
Your creative little hands

To make this craft you will only need paper. You can use colored paper or scrapbook paper, make it with two different colors, or create each piece in one color. The choice is yours, give it your personal touch.

Origami techniques are used to make this craft, so you will be able to do it easily by folding and fitting the pieces of paper. You will not need to use glue to join them together or any other tool.

If you use small pieces of paper you will be able to make a small crown that you can use as a Christmas ornament to hang on your Christmas tree, on a piece of furniture or anywhere in your house.

On the contrary, if you use larger pieces of paper, you can make a large paper wreath for the door of your home that all the guests will see at your house. They are sure to be surprised and love to see this handmade crown for yourself.

Easy origami Santa with 1 sheet of paper

A simple tutorial where you are going to learn how to make an origami Santa Claus step by step, a very simple Christmas craft in which you will only need a sheet of paper.

This craft is very cheap and quick to make, so it can be a great idea to do at the last minute if you have had time. If you have a sheet of paper, you have your own Santa Claus.

Square paper
Black marker
Red marker
Your creative little hands

To make this craft we have used origami techniques (origami), so the only thing you will need to get it done is to fold and fold the paper on itself. You won’t need scissors, glue, or any other additional tools.

The character that we have made is Santa Claus, who in many countries is also known as Santa Claus or Viejito Pasucero. Their typical clothing is red and white, so you will need a sheet that is red on one side and white on the other.

You can use this idea to make a nice ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. You can also use it to decorate the table for your Christmas dinner, make a garland with several of them or put them in various places in your home to give it a unique and original touch.