Crafts you can do at home for Valentine’s Day

When is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of religious origin that is celebrated on February 14, both in Spain and in other countries.

In Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia or Venezuela among other countries, this day is called the Day of Love and Friendship, while in other parts of the world such as Uruguay, Cuba or Europe it is also known as Valentine’s Day.

Depending on where we are, this loving celebration may change its date, as in Colombia, which is usually celebrated on the third Saturday in September. In this link you have more information about this celebration.

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day idea

There are thousands of ideas to give to your boyfriend, the most common ones usually combine love phrases or romantic photos, with the theme of Valentine’s Day, which are usually hearts and love arrows. There are also recipes for Valentine’s Day, such as cakes and heart-shaped sweets.

Actually any idea is good, as long as it is done with care and love, although if you are looking for the perfect idea, we advise you to look for something original and also be done by yourself. This combination usually causes a great surprise and in most cases will make the other person fall at your feet.

And if you are not very “handyman” that is not an excuse, but rather the opposite, it is a golden opportunity to surprise your partner. Imagine the face he will make when you give him a detail made by yourself.

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Original gifts with photos

One of the gifts that lovers usually like the most are those crafts that are made with photos, whether they are photos of the couple, photos of some places where you were and left a mark or photos of places where you would like to go.

Making gifts with photos is almost a sure hit, that’s why we also include many crafts of this type. Pictures, portraits, photo frames, postcards, etc.

Use it as gift ideas for anniversaries

Not only must we show love to our partner on Valentine’s Day, there are many other dates throughout the year in which we are interested in looking for beautiful details to give as gifts.

One of these dates is usually the anniversary, a special day where we want to surprise our partner. Although you are in the Valentine’s section, at the end of the day here we show how to make a multitude of gifts for the bride and groom, so you can use all these original ideas for your anniversary.

Valentine’s crafts to decorate

Whenever we think of crafts for Valentine’s Day we think of gifts for Valentine’s Day or gifts for couples, we think of giving. But now change the vision and think about decorating.

There are thousands of creative ideas to make an original decoration for Valentine’s Day. Think of the decoration of a romantic dinner, decorations with hearts, romantic phrases, images of love, decorative garlands, paper flowers, etc. Among all the ideas we have, you will also find a large number of crafts so you can decorate and design your ideal romantic plan.

Crafts for Valentine’s Day

If you are thinking of preparing a craft for Valentine’s Day to surprise your partner, you have come to the right place. Here you will find many crafts to give away, romantic ideas, details to decorate and endless original gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Although any moment is a good time to show love to our partner, Valentine’s Day is a special day for all lovers. We believe that a handmade gift has incalculable emotional value, so we want to help you by offering you a multitude of tutorials for Valentine’s Day.

In our videos we explain step by step how to make romantic garlands to decorate, Valentine’s cards, Cupid’s arrows, romantic paintings, all kinds of hearts, Valentine’s Day crafts with photos and many original ideas with which to wish your partner a Happy Valentines!

Heart with wings with 1 sheet of paper – Origami

What a wonderful origami, you are going to learn how to make a heart with wings using a single sheet of paper. It is very simple and you will not need scissors, glue or any other tool, you can only do it by folding a sheet of paper with your hands.

This craft is great to make romantic gifts to your partner, prepare a special decoration for Valentine’s Day or simply to enjoy having a good time while doing.


Square paper

Your creative little hands


This heart with wings is a very romantic idea to make on Valentine’s Day. Use it as a gift, to decorate a loving dinner, or as part of a super romantic decoration.

The most common is to use red paper, although you can do it with patterned paper or even white paper and then decorate it with phrases of love.

Heart shaped lamp with eva rubber

Today we make a Craft for Valentine’s Day with eva or foamy very easy and fun. It will be great to decorate your home and give a romantic touch to an evening as a couple.

This heart is a small detail that I want to do to my friend Yoli on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of her blog. She is an expert in Goma Eva and on her blog you will find thousands of creative ideas made with this material, so how could it be otherwise, we celebrate her birthday with “The great party of Goma Eva”.

Hope you like this simple craft. We wish you many congratulations, and that you continue to fall in love for many more years.


Eva rubber
LED strip

Hot silicone

To make this craft you will need the cardboard to have a certain thickness, so it will have consistency and will not bend. If you use too thin a cardboard sheet you will get a too fragile heart.

It is important that the LEDs are small, so it will be easy to insert them into the heart without making too large holes.

Easy paper heart step by step

We are going to teach you how to make a very easy and fast paper heart, a craft that will be great for making decorations for Valentine’s Day or giving a nice detail to a special person.

This craft is a very simple origami, so you will only need 1 sheet of paper, no scissors or glue or anything else. We started!

To make this craft you will only need paper, the most typical thing is to use a red colored paper, although you can also do it with patterned paper or any other type of paper that you like.

This origami, in addition to being a great craft to give on Valentine’s Day, you can also use it to give your mother on Mother’s Day or use it to make a loving decoration at any type of party.

Glass bottle “My heart is yours” Give your heart!

We are going to make an original and romantic gift for Valentine’s Day with a glass jar. A very simple craft, but at the same time with a lot of sentimental load.

As you will see in the video, the idea is extremely simple but without a doubt it will be one that your partner likes. We have baptized this idea as “My heart is yours” and as you will see below, we are really going to give our heart to the person we love. Do you want to know how we are going to do it?


Small glass jar
Red and white cardstock


Although this craft is ideal to give on Valentine’s Day, it is also a great idea to give it to your partner on a special date for you, such as your anniversary.

We have chosen a glass bottle with a cork to make this craft, but as we always say, we give the idea and then you create with your hands. So you can use any glass jar or jar that you have at home. You only have to take into account the size of the note and the heart, in addition to decorating the lid of the jar with the material that you like the most, rope, paint, …

Remember that so that the flame of love does not go out, we must surprise our partner every day, so it will be great for you to see the rest of the original ideas that we have in our Crafts section for Valentine’s Day. If you liked this craft, you will surely love the rest of the creative ideas that we have prepared.

If you think you are in love or in love, it is time to give your heart to that special person. And what better way than with a gift made with your own hands.

Valentine card

We continue to make original and easy cards to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day and today is the turn of a romantic pop up card that when opened will display the letters TQM (I love you very much) in three dimensions. It’s really cool!

This craft is quite easy, and at the end of this article we leave you a link to download the template. You will see how with this template you will not have any problem to make this card.


Decorated cardboard
Piece of colored cardboard


This craft is super cheap and very easy to do, but at the same time it has great charm due to the three-dimensional effect that appears when it is opened. It is a great idea to give your partner on Valentine’s Day.

As you may have seen in the video, we teach you the technique to make the message pop up on your card. From here, you have to give free rein to your creative hands to decorate it to your liking, it can be quite minimalist with a small message of love or with a large number of details, such as painted hearts, glued hearts, drawings, etc.

Although it seems obvious, after reading some comments on YouTube about other cards, we want to make it clear that the card is delivered closed. It must be your partner who, when you open it, discover all the romanticism that is inside. (Although it seems obvious, it is not the first time that they ask us).

In the template, keep in mind that the lines that are marked in red are for doubling (DO NOT CUT). The rest of the lines if you must cut them with the cutter.

Finally, remind you that we have a section dedicated to Crafts for Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to visit it and discover all the original ideas that we have made to surprise your partner.

Garland of paper hearts for lovers

We are going to learn how to make a garland of paper hearts. It is a very simple craft to do and the result is super beautiful. We can use it as decoration on Valentine’s Day, for any love-themed party (whether for friends or couples) or simply to decorate a room in the house.

You will be surprised how easy it is and especially how wonderful it hangs on the wall. Go for it!


Paper or cardstock
Rustic yarn, yarn or wool


As you have already seen in the video, it is a super simple to make heart garland and also very economical. Since to do it we only need any paper that we have at home and thread. You can use magazine paper, newsprint, folios, cardboard,… and in a few minutes you will have a handful of hearts to join them together.

Once hung, you can give it a touch of light with some small led bulbs tangled in the garland. In this way, when you turn off the lights your romantic evening will have a spectacular warmth.

If you liked this craft, I recommend you visit our crafts section for Valentine’s Day, where you will find many easy and very beautiful ideas to do on this special day.

If you are thinking of doing something special with your partner on Valentine’s Day, this garland of hearts will undoubtedly be an ideal decoration accessory that will help you enjoy a unique romantic atmosphere. Do it yourself and make it special! Kisses hearts!